I've found 2 laserdiscs in germany, which are obviously bootlegs. Both covers are anonymous, but the discs have a CFD label. Ask google for an european company CFD, you will find nothing.

The New York Ripper by Lucio Fulci is a PAL release in widescreen with digital english audio.
Probably made by MPO in france (mint marks).

The Army of Darkness is a PAL release as well in widescreen, with digital english audio.
The picture shows japanese subtitles and this has the "I have slept to long" ending.
Probably made by DADC austria.

both titles have reference number "1964-1". German distributor Laser Paradise has all it's discs labeled with ref.numbers "1964-". The cover design of the Army of Darkness reminds of german distributor "Astro Records and Filmworks" where almost every titles has this design (eg Braindead).